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Worship Songwriting Tip #1

Tip #1

     Worship is a relationship. A relationship between God and His children, one that initiated and sustained by Him. He reveals Himself to us, He reveals us to us, and we respond in kind.

     So, worship is a conversation. And worship songwriting is a way to give a voice to that conversation. It involves God talking with us and us talking with God. It involves us talking to others about God and inviting them to listen to Him and talk with Him.

     Given these facts, it follows that the worship songwriter will be a student of God and a student of His Word. And while we read it, studied it, memorize it with the goal of knowing and loving God better, we find that as we do so, it reads us! The Holy Spirit comes and reveals Christ to us, guiding us into truth. This truth includes the truth about us.

     So, read your bible. Get to know God and get to know yourself. Then write about Him and about you and about your interactions. Share them with others, inviting them into the story.

     Lastly, I am often asked, “How can I go about writing effective worship songs?” My response is always, “Read your bible and then come back and see me.”


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