david j. pedde

Jehovah Shalom (Peace)

I believe in JEHOVAH Shalom

His Spirit is granted to me

Perfect peace beyond understanding

JEHOVAH Shalom, I believe

You are my Calm and my Assurance.

You make things all right and give me hope that they will get better. As a result, I am quietly confident.

You give me peace beyond (exceeding abundantly above all I can ask or even imagine) my comprehension, beyond my circumstances. You are my calm in the midst of a storm, my safety in battle, my "everything is going to be OK." You give me hope for my todays and my tomorrows. I can hide, resting in Your great love.

You are the Counselor. I am the client. You guide me by the Holy Spirit into Your truth.

~ excerpt from Prayer Primer: Morning or Anytime Prayers, David J. Pedde (available on iBooks)

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