david j. pedde

Jehovah Ro'i (Guide)

I believe in JEHOVAH Ro’i

Safe pasture is granted to me

Where You lead me, my Shepherd. I will follow

JEHOVAH Ro’i, I believe


YOU are my Shepherd, my Director, and my Boss.

You do the planning and patiently lead me step by step; I am led. You guide my way, knowing just exactly where I should go, what I should do. 

You don't just wish me luck and point me in one direction or another, but rather You guide me step by step, carrying me when I need You to. 

In that You are my Good Shepherd, You even lay down Your own life to protect me and to insure that I am able to make it to Your predestined destination for me.


~ excerpt from Prayer Primer: Morning or Anytime Prayers, David J. Pedde (available on iBooks)

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