david j. pedde

Jehovah Jireh (Provision)

I believe in JEHOVAH Jireh

Provision is granted to me

Daily bread, He’s so graciously given

JEHOVAH Jireh, I believe


You are my Supporter and my Benefactor. 

You pay my way and give me wisdom regarding finances. You provide for me exceeding abundantly above all that I can ask or even imagine; I am cared for.  

You give me everything I need. You are my Source.

You provide monetarily, enabling me and teaching me to be a wise manager of all of Your resources. As I do my part, that is, 100% obedience in all areas of my life, You physically bless me beyond my wildest comprehension.

First and foremost; You provide atonement for my sins by Your death, dear Lamb of God. 


~ Excerpt from Prayer Primer: Morning or Anytime Prayers by David J. Pedde (available on iBooks)


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